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What the difference between the available color profiles?


sRGB is the standard for digital images. Browsers, applications, and devices are designed to work with sRGB. Some browser simply ignore the embedded color space information in images and render them as sRGB images. sRGB images are also suitable for normal prints.
The sRGB color space is designed to match typical home and office viewing conditions, rather than the darker commercial color matching environment.

Adobe RGB (1998) color image encoding

The Adobe RGB (1998) color profile is widely adopted as a working color space. It provides a relatively large and balanced color gamut that can be easily refitted for reproduction on a variety of devices.

ColorMatch RGB

Before introduction of the Adobe RGB (1998) color profile the ColorMatch RGB profile was used by many users as working space. The profile was introduced by Radius for its ColorMatch line of professional graphics monitors. ColorMatch RGB has a larger gamut than sRGB, but a smaller gamut than Adobe RGB (1998).

eciRGB v2

Similar to Adobe RGB. The basic differences in working with ECI rgb and AdobeRGB are in contrast, white point and the ability to make clean CMYK yellows in your RGB files. AdobeRGB has a bias to bluish white, which results in a greenish lemon yellow. eciRGB v2 uses an L* rather than a gamma.

ProPhoto RGB

Also known as ROMM RGB (Reference Output Medium Metric). ProPhoto RGB is a bigger space than Adobe RGB. Images must be in 16 bit mode if working with ProPhoto RGB to avoid banding gaps. When working in ProPhoto RGB color space it is possible to create colours which lie outside the gamut of output devices.


Based on color standards in the European TV industry. TThe color difference signals in SECAM are calculated in the YDbDr color space, which is a scaled version of the YUV color space.

PRMG RGB gamut warning profile - sRGB based

The PRMG RGB-sRGB based profile is to be used as a destination profile for checking to see if source image content extends significantly beyond the ICC v4 Perceptual Reference Medium Gamut. see more details.

What is a working color space?

A working color space